Just one Mosquito

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If I’m deeply asleep the sound of an alarm clock will eventually get through, but not immediately. On the other hand like last night, the whine of a mosquito passing close to my ear will wake me at once. I’m not so concerned for myself, because I rarely get bitten but the occupant of the other side of the bed attracts them like a magnet.

And even though last night she wasn’t there for once, the noise got through straight away. I was out of bed, switching the light on before my eyes were even open. And there it was just sitting on the sheet, unmoving, soundless but clearly a mosquito.

It was very quickly an ex-mosquito, buzzing around in the choir invisibule, and a tiny smear of  blood showed where it had been.

I was pretty sure it would have been travelling alone, they always seem to. You have to be thankful for small mercies.

If you’re interested in the habits of mosquitoes, the New York Times will help you out.

The big question is: why don’t they make alarms which play the sound of a hungry, buzzing mosquito. None shall sleep through that, as Puccini might have said.

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