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Blue is the colour….

  David Mitchell commented in the Observer on 1 April 2018:  ‘I liked the old passports too, though not primarily because of their colour, but because they were bigger and had a… Read more »

Not Forgotten Yet

It’s very common to hear an extraordinary event or circumstance described as being the biggest, strangest, most moving, most tragic of its kind ever seen. Sometimes this may be justified…. Read more »

Just one Mosquito

If I’m deeply asleep the sound of an alarm clock will eventually get through, but not immediately. On the other hand like last night, the whine of a mosquito passing… Read more »

Things we forgot to remember

I’m interested to see whether this year’s Last Night of the Proms (on Saturday 9 September) takes up last year’s invented tradition when a good number of European flags mingled… Read more »